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G2 general laser.png The weapons that this page is describing are the weapons that are possible additions to the Starships. In particular, each ship has slots for characters and weapons. Typically, the weapons slots are filled with either a Green-Phaser, a Red-Torpedo, or a White-Shield addition. BEWARE Weapons can only be armed/added ONCE, to change weapons you must delete/sell and use a new/another one.


  • REPEAT Weapons can only be used once.
    • Characters return to the main inventory and can be reused; whereas weapons disappear forever once sold.
    • The order of the weapons onscreen is automatic, there is no way to force the ordering. Last i checked it was alphabetical by government...
  • Be cautious with the General-Laser weapon.
    • Firstly, because usually you will have more ships/weapons-slots than actual weapons available.
    • Secondly, the weapons that are specific to your ship (federation/klingon/...) are preferable.
    • It might be better to wait for more common specific-weapons, rather than to use a less-common general-weapon.
  • For a sortable-chart, try the template {{WeaponsALL}}


Currently, there are 30 usable weapons in the file-system... As labelled, this is apportioned as follows:...

The Original Series Starships




  • +3 Red - Photon Torpedo R3 tos federation photon torpedo.png
  • +2 Green - Phaser G2 tos federation phaser.png
  • +2 White - Shield Cell (blue) S2 tos federation shield cell.png



  • +3 Red - Plasma Torpedo R3 tos klingon plasma torpedo.png
  • +2 Green - Laser framess
  • +2 White - Shield Cell (red) S2 tos klingon shield cell.png



  • +3 Red - Quantum Torpedo R3 tos romulan quantum torpedo.png
  • +2 Green - Phase Cannon G2 tos romulan phase cannon.png
  • +2 White - Shield Cell (purple) S2 tos romulan shield cell.png



  • +3 Red - Photon Torpedo (green arm) R3 tos vulcan cannon.png
  • +2 Green - Pulse Cannon G2 tos vulcan laser.png
  • +2 White - Shield Vulcan S2 tos vulcan shield cell.png


  • +2 Green - Laser G2 general laser.png

The Next Generation Starships



  • these items were being renamed and moved during 2017 and 2018...
    • it is possible that you might have weapons labelled (or even PROVISIONED) the 'old' way if they were added to your ships prior to the changeovers...
      • new borg shield added around mid-july 2017... old borg shield became current klingon shield...
      • new romulan shield transfer occurred 01-april-2018... old federation shield became current romulan shield due to transfer... currently, there is NO federation shield...
    • to fix your ship, just sell/delete the old/wrong weapon and re-provision with a new/correct weapon...
    • i have not checked to see if the old-weapons maintained their actual values - but it might be better to leave them instead of replacing them...
  • some of the newer items (ferengi/vulcan) used to disappear rather than become part of your inventory...
    • if you lose (or lost) any items from your inventory, then an in-game message/request should fix the problem...
    • presumably, whenever there is a significant change in the weapons-system, there might be issues that arise...



  • +3 Red - Gravimetric Torpedoes (plural) R3 tng federation gravimetric torpedoes.png
  • +2 Green - Phaser G2 tng federation phaser.png
  • +2 White ??



  • +3 Red - Photon Torpedo R3 tng klingon photon torpedo.png
  • +2 Green - Pulse Cannon G2 tng klingon pulse cannon.png
  • +2 White - Shield Cell (red-two) S2 tng klingon shield cell.png



  • +3 Red - Spatial Torpedo R3 tng romulan spatial torpedo.png
  • +2 Green - Plasma Cannon G2 tng romulan plasma cannon.png
  • +2 White - Shield Cell (green) S2 tng romulan shield cell.png



  • +3 Red - Positron Torpedo R3 tng cardassian positron torpedo.png
  • +2 Green - Disrupter G2 tng cardassian disrupter.png
  • +2 White - Shield Cell (pink) S2 tng cardassian shield cells.png



  • +3 Red - Photon torpedo R3 tng borg cannon.png
  • +2 Green - Pulse cannon G2 tng borg laser.png
  • +2 White - Shield Borg (purple box) S2 tng borg shield borg.png



  • +3 Red - Photon Torpedo R3 tng ferengi cannon.png
  • +2 Green - Pulse Cannon G2 tng ferengi laser.png
  • +2 White - Shield Ferengi (red dome) S2 tng ferengi shield.png



  • +2 Green - Laser G2 general laser.png