• Trying to add the information for Khan Noonien, but having no luck with the Module:Charactercodes/data. I need help deciphering how to do it.

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    • howdee !!! welcome... urp - i have not yet gotten the module working correctly (read: at all)... i stepped away for a bit (days) to let it rest while i thought about other things... i, too, would like to start adding in the characters from the game - so let's see what can be done... back to ya in a bit...  :) h.

      ps - if you are a coder-type and have ideas about things, im all ears... 8-)

      eta - thanx for a totally-amusing sidetrack... id never heard of the game called plague, inc.... symptoms was hilarious to read (or was it the comments at the bottom)...

      ok - ive started back up again making progress on reading the charactercodes/data stuff... however, it is not anywhere close to ready for real use...

      why dont we say this - feel free to add/do anything you would like around here !!! if you have a good-idea for the format of a character infobox, then make it... for now, i still have not gotten a good feel for what would be useful in this wikia...  :)

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    • I have several Tier 2 characters, as well as two Tier 3 characters (Khan of TOS and 2 of 4 from TNG). I also have several Tier 2 ships. I have a lot to contribute to this Wikia.

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    • AWESOME !!! if you remember how the leveling up process worked for your t2 and t3 characters - lets go ahead and get that info in there... i know that some of the first questions i had when starting out this game were about what-the-heck was going on with all the characters...

      have you ever DESIGNED an infobox before ? here, why don't i take this conversation over the the forums: see HERE... gaak - i tried to create my first discussion on the forums and it borked... lol... i will upload the khan-image you need, feel free to make a character-page however youd like and i will then figure out whats-wrong with the forums and update here...  :-)

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    • The characters level up the same way regardless of tier, although Tier 3 characters start at a higher level than Tier 2, which start at a higher level than Tier 1. I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

      I've designed a couple Infoboxes from scratch on the Plague Inc Wikia site, a site I happen to be an Administrator on. I'll see what I can do to help, but pictures aren't my thing. I don't know how to take screenshots on my tablet and transfer them to my laptop.

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    • cool... the forum seems to be working now too... no problem about screenshots - right now ive been pulling the images straight from the apk i decoded... i think ive got most of the important stuff (and plenty of useless stuff) to get us started... if you need/want i can upload the normal-photos for any ships or character that you (or i) have gotten that we want to play-around with... hth, h.

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