2016-11-23 Edit

today ive decided to clean up the front-page, but for posterity im moving it over here into the archive-version of the page... in theory, i think i really want to add the calendar-extension to this wikia, like on my home-wikia at hfelton-admin but we shall see if i truly need any of that here...

Describe your topicEdit

If you are a ST:WoG player and are as confused by the game as I was, then this wikia is here to help. I am by no means an expert, on the game or anything else, so feel free to add, edit, or help this wiki to become useful to others.

Lets start by creating a page of Questions which can then be distilled into an FAQ eventually.

If you are already knowledgeable about the game (and/or wikia editing), then please go ahead and add your knowledge to this resource.

OK, that's it for now... Hfelton (talk) 11:58, August 3, 2016 (UTC)

I've been modeling this wikia around the excellently-coded w:c:dungeonlink wikia, which was setup after looking thru their very-successful reddit area. I am not a reddit-er (?sp), but afaict there's nothing particularly useful there yet. Thus, altho I recognize that I am not the only player of this game - apparently it is nowhere near as popular as it could be. ahh well... Hfelton (talk) 11:51, August 5, 2016 (UTC)

Another game (for Nintendo DS) that has an enormously-helpful wikia around here is Professor Layton. In particular, this wikia will not be the normal editting experience that I encountered at Doctor Who Legacy. I will go ahead and link to their editting-help-page HERE since it does an excellent job of trying to introduce a new-user from scratch. Also, it helps to explain why a lot of the information is tucked-away inside modules (easier to use in-code) rather than just regular wiki-text. Hfelton (talk) 07:09, August 12, 2016 (UTC)

Well, it has been a month and i haven't yet coded up anything particularly useful for adding characters... There are some beginnings of ideas percolating around, but nothing solid yet... One reason I am stuck is that it is hard to decide what might be useful to someone reading this resource... Or, maybe it does not have to be useful - maybe it can just be a fun diversion... The game itself, if you are unwilling to spend any $$ on it as i have not - is truly a long, slow, grinding game... And even IF i were to spend money, there are so many aspects to the game that are wall-time delayed - that there is little use in trying to "get ahead"... Thus, while I have become fairly consistent about playing it (slowly) - the truth is, the gratification factor is a slow one to develop... Sorta like this wikis has been - a slow process... lol...  :-) Hfelton (talk) 20:26, September 3, 2016 (UTC)

Another month, some useful bits starting to brew out of the grinds (coffee metaphor)... The game itself is still incredibly slow to work through... By now, tho, i have finally levelled up my first team of characters and starships to a state that i would consider useful... I have still not been willing to spend any money on the game - for two reasons... 1) it (the game) is still pretty buggy and frustrating and im not sure that i really want to support it with any actual dollars... 2) there is nothing (yet) useful to purchase in the game that cannot be gotten (albeit with a LONG effort) for free... For all i know, this game is put together by a couple of folks (in spain, i think) who are true fans and would like to be paid for their efforts (as everyone does, really)... I did not encounter the early-history of the Doctor Who Legacy games history - so maybe they are similar... I do know that by the time i encountered that game (dwlegacy), it had a Fan-Area and some Exclusive-Content that made purchasing some of the in-game crystals worthwhile... For this game, while I could see a reason to purchase some items (with higher levels than is normally obtainable in-game, for instance)... The truth is, the amount of money it would require to (for instance) level up these higher characters/ships does not seem worth it... Truly, this game needs to be optimized and fixed before they can build any kind of useful user-base, imo... otoh, im bored, and willing to "waste" the time i do on the game (and on this wikia) - so wth... 8-)

in particular, ive got the outline of all the characters and starships put in here - and a way to kinda look at them even... otoh - since the only person who stopped-by was not able to do anything useful with it (my code, yet) - this site too needs more work put into it... lol... the main reason i am writing anything at all here - rather than maybe redesigning some of the problems with this wikia - is that wikia, itself, is rebranding to fandom... bleah... we shall see if it (rebranding) helps anything or not... ttfn... h. Hfelton (talk) 18:22, September 26, 2016 (UTC)