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Star Trek Wrath of Gems is a mobile game for iOS and android with a simple match-the-gems gameplay. However ST:WoG has lots of other details to explore and understand. This wikia is hopefully a way to help increase that understanding.


The game has reached EOL... effective this morning (2018-09-14) all of the optional recruit and monetary purchase abilities were removed... there are still 60 days available to play with the game - but after that, they will probably take-down their servers and so it (the game) will be non-functional...

For further discussions about this main-page, please see Talk:Star Trek Wrath of Gems Wikia...




  1. Tbd...
  2. apparently, the final wikia-to-fandom transition is due to take place over the next few weeks... i was checking-in to see if anything has happened here - and nothing has... HOWEVER, i will go ahead and check in a couple more times over the next couple months (jan-feb 2019) to confirm that the fandom-transition works correctly... hopefully it will be fairly painless... Hfelton (talk) 09:22, January 27, 2019 (UTC)
    1. oddly, if you (like me) still have the game available on your phone - there are a couple of oddities you might observe... first, i am still occasionally getting messages asking me to "check in" with the "federation"... i will try to provide a couple of images of this AFTER the wikia-to-fandom transition is completed...
    2. also, the game still has the weird "almost playable" aspect to it... specifically, it tries to start-up and contact the online-servers (presumably for my userid ships/chars) and then fails in a basic "boot-loop" type of scenario... if anyone has any real interest, i guess i could wireshark (or whatever) to see what the game wants - but i really do not want to bother unless i get/hear some interest here...
  3. afaict the servers have been taken down completely - so other than looking at an error-screen, there is really not much left to do (or to be done) with the actual game... since the game itself is dead - there does not seem to be much else to do with this website either... if anyone stumbles across here and remembers the game, feel free to reach out... otherwise, wikipedia:So_Long,_and_Thanks_for_All_the_Fish Hfelton (talk) 10:50, November 15, 2018 (UTC)

During Twilight

Here are the last two goals that I have left for this space...

  1. Finish documenting the final ability levels of all the Characters and Ships that are/were available in the Game...
    • status-done: all the playable items are documented - and all of the Max-Tier-Level pages (as well as mid-Tier-level) are working for both Ships and Crew... {see: Template:TiermaxALL)
    • status-todo: if anyone still has the game working and can provide data - the needed info is listed as unk on the Level165 page...
  2. Create a way for anyone who wants to record their final configuration to do so on their own wall/sandbox-area...
    • status-done: i have my current listing located at User:Hfelton/sandbox
    • status-done: clean up the listing-call so that it makes a pretty-table to look at...
    • example-ships: {{#invoke:CommonLists | main | S | MyList | ON |{"ANT":115,"BC1":95} }} gives
      KeyLimitMy levelName
      BC19595Cube 1
      KeyLimitMy levelName
    • example-crew: {{#invoke:CommonLists | main | C | MyList | ON |{"AM":95,"LPC":95,"ASP":95,"QQ":165,"LOP":333,"WC":96} }} gives
      KeyLimitMy levelName
      ASP9595Ambassador Spock
      LPC9595Lt. Chekov
      KeyLimitMy levelName
    • example-prizes: {{p|a|1510|a}} {{p|d|93375|d}} {{p|g|4700|g}} gives 1,510 Awards [trophy-badge] Trophy-badges.png 93,375 Dilithium [purple] Currency-dilithium.png 4,700 Coins [gold] Currency-coins.png OR {{prl|a|1510|d|93375|g|4700}} give 1510 awards, 93375 dilithium, and 4700 coins
    • status-todo: spend the last of my Currency to get as far as i can...

While Game Was Playable

Here are a set of goals, that I have had for this wikia/fandom space...

  1. Document all of the Playable Characters and Ships in the Game
    • status: afaict, all items are in the data-modules, but the code to auto-populate the ships is still in development... all the crew pages are accessible via the collections top-menu or searching or ...
    • status-EOL: all the character and starship data can be perused by looking, altho i did not get my Tier-3 items completed... if you have any additional information for those items, please add them to the appropriate page - which can be found from Level165 ... tyvm...
  2. Describe how the game works for newer/unfamiliar players
    • status: this still needs a LOT of work... i started some of the writeups in the gameplay top-menu but have not fleshed them out... in particular it has been difficult to determine what is best needed... so please go to Questions and edit the page, so that i (or someone else) can help figure out what would be most beneficial to work on next...
  3. Provide a place for players of the game to communicate
    1. to each other, for instance - regarding Alliances...
    2. to the universe, for instance - to document their current Archive-Collection...
    3. to ???, for instance - to ask for game-features or ???
    • status: feel free to send messages any way that makes sense - since right now, afaict, i (harold) am the only person around most of the time... :-)

The next question is, what would YOU like from this space...

  1. At this point, there are All-98 characters, All-32 starships, All-10/10 storylines, All-6 events, and NONE-0/??? arenas that have some documentation...
  2. Looking at the Calendar, maybe it is time to start documenting the arenas ?
  3. The game seems to take forever to grind up each character/ship to higher levels - are there any shortcuts (besides spending a whole lot of money) available to make things go faster ?
  4. Maybe there is something that this space can become - that just needs the outside input of a new user like YOU to make it happen...
  5. There might not be much there, but tbd... has a link to project:spoilers...

As the experts at wikipedia would say Be Bold !!! Hfelton (talk) 10:43, May 12, 2017 (UTC)

Other References

  1. Exact-Game's Webfront
    1. Exact-Game's Help Area
    2. Reddit Discussions
  2. Genera-Games = Creator
  3. CBS-Paramount-StarTrek = Licensor
  4. Facebook News/Fansite
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  6. Google Play Store

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