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Q by/about Time


  • When did this game get released ?
sept 2015 according to this...
  • Is there any historical information about stuff that happened before this wikia got started in Aug-2016 ?
the game-maker's website has a list of their current and old NEWS...


  • What events are active today ?
try the Board:News and Announcements which i was keeping up... nowadays, i just put quick-links to new-events on the project:Calendar page...
  • What arenas are active today ?
these change too-often/fast for me to list... someone wanna volunteer ?


  • What new starships/characters are coming ?
these usually show up as arena-title-characters or on genera's website... nowadays, i also have a project:spoilers page...
  • What new events/arenas/stories are coming ?

Q by/about Game

  • What does the word XYZ mean ?
there is a Glossary here that might help - feel free to add to it !
  • What is the point of this game ?
for users, there are 3 basic ideas:
diversion - it is fun to play a simple gem-match game occasionally
collection - it is fun to collect all the characters and starships
competition - it is fun to battle against others or yourself inside the game
for the companies, it is almost always about making money somehow...
  • Does it cost any money ?
FTP - no, it is free-to-play
PTW - maybe, it is pay-to-win because it takes a long-time to make progress without spending any $$
  • Does it require that i join something ?
not officially, but if you are wanting to have a backup of your progress - then you will want to either login with Facebook or Google_+ to cloud-save or link your account...
  • Are there links to other places for information ?
Memory Beta
Genera website (author)

Q by/about Playing

  • Are there any youtube videos ?
    • THIS is the official stwog-trailer from Genera Games and CBS-Interactive...
    • THIS is an ad from Trekyards...
    • HERE is your handy-dandy search results from youtube, which might be helpful...
  • Where should I write to ask for help if there are problems inside the game ?
    • in-game, go to settings->Customer Support... once you write your first comment/question - it looks like it sets up a chat-area...
    • note-to-self, i should get screenshots and post them over at Main Menu - i didnt even pay attention to the gear-settings-area until i needed it for this function...
    • oob - these are not recommended for simple things like missing-a-weapon, but might be useful for more-general contact...
      • there is a contact form online at their website, HERE...
      • their direct email address (from same page) is: support [AT] generagames [DOT] com...
    • remember, the company is located in spain - so business hours for them may not match the hours for you (like in the usa or japan or ...) - so be patient...
  • etc...

Q by/about Wikia


  • How do I edit something here ?
use the user-sandboxes (which i might notve setup - yet a/o
there are lots of how-to-edit pages:
  1. see: how-to-edit community-central
  2. see: how-to-edit layton
  3. see: how-to-edit dungeon-hero
  4. see: how-to-edit local
aka shared help
  • How can I become a great editor ?
be bold and learn

Specific to stwog

  • How is this wikia organized ?
im gonna try to setup a goals-page which will explain how i hope to get information in a useful form for use here... tbd...
  • What steps are needed to successfully add a new character i see in the game ?
  1. read This thread
  2. see if they already have a character-code Module:Charactercodes/data
  • if not, then add a new one...
  • if so, then why didnt you see them here ?
mistake in character-list ?
mistake in character-page ?
  • What steps are needed to add a new level ?


  • Is there a forum for discussions ?
  • Should I just mention an item on a user's or any page's Talk-subpage ?