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AHRomulan AmehAmehAmehtos-pnj-11-alejandro-22TOS241
AKAdmiral KirkAdmiral KirkAdmiral Kirk, James T. Kirkkirk-22TOS337
AMAlien ArmusArmusArmusarmus-22TNG284
ANUAdmiral Nyota UhuraAdmiral UhuraAdm. Uhurauhura-3.53.5TOS700
APAdmiral PicardAdmiral PicardAdmiral Jean-Luc Picard, Adm. Picardpicard-22TNG360
ARBad ArdenArdenArdenhuman-antonio-22TOS247
ASPAmbassador SpockAmbassador SpockAmbassador Spockspock-22TOS309
AVLt. AlvaroLt. AlvaroLt. Alvarotos-pnj-2-bad-11TOS115
AWRAdmiral Will RikerAdmiral Will RikerRiker, Admiral William Thomas Rikerriker-33TNG783
B1Borg 1 of 4Borg 1 of 41 of 4, 1 de 4borg-1-22TNG238
B2Borg 2 of 4Borg 2 of 42 of 4, 2 de 4borg-2-22TNG248
B3Borg 3 of 4Borg 3 of 43 of 4, 3 de 4, Borg 3 of 4borg-3-33TNG773
B4Borg 4 of 4Borg 4 of 44 of 4, 4 de 4borg-4-33TNG780
BAKlingon BatahrBatahrBatahrtos-pnj-9-cigarrito-11TOS110
BDAntican BadarBadarBadartng-antican-22TNG255
BEBeverly CrusherDr. Beverly CrusherBeverly, Doctor Crusher, Beverly Crusherbeverly-11TNG70
BRUBrunaBrunaBruna, Veauveau_bruna-33TNG898
CACommodore AntonCommodore AntonBad Boss, Antontos-pnj-3-boss-22TOS245
CAVCaped AlvaroCaped AlvaroCaped Alvarotos-human-alvaro-22TOS200
CBCCmdr. Beverly PicardCmdr. Beverly CrusherCmdr. Beverly Crusherbeverly-22TNG226
CCPCapt. Christopher PikeChristopher PikeCapt. Pike, Captain Christopher Pikepike-33TOS785
CDACmdr. DataCmdr. DataCmdr. Datadata-22TNG259
CDRCmdr. Deanna TroiCmdr. TroiTroi, Cmdr. Deanna Troitroi-22TNG260
CDTCaptain Deanna TroiCaptain TroiTroi, Captain Deanna Troitroi-33TNG823
CHSCmdr. Hikaru SuluCmdr. SuluCmdr. Sulusulu-22TOS261
CHTKlingon ChoTaCho'TaCho’Tamordi-11TNG75
CKCaptain KirkCaptain KirkCapt. James T. Kirk, Captain James Tiberius Kirkkirk-11TOS85
CLFCmdr. La ForgeCmdr. La ForgeCmdr. La Forge, Cmdr. Geordi La Forgelaforge-22TNG227
CLMDoctor Leonard McCoyCmdr. McCoyDoctor Leonard McCoymccoy-22TOS281
CMSCmdr. Montgomery ScottCmdr. ScottCmdr. Scottscott-22TOS234
CNUCmdr. Nyota UhuraCmdr. UhuraCmdr. Uhurauhura-22TOS200
CPCaptain PicardCaptain PicardPicard, Capt. Picard, Jean-Luc Picard, Jean-Lucpicard-11TNG85
CPCCmdr. Pavel ChekovCmdr. ChekovCmdr. Chekovchekov-33TOS860
CRCmndr. RikerCmdr. RikerCmdr. Riker, William Riker, Rikerriker-11TNG75
CTCounselor TroiCounselor TroiTroi, Deanna Troi, Counselor Troitroi-11TNG75
CWFCmdr. WorfCmdr. WorfCmdr. Worfworf-22TNG255
CWRCaptain William RikerCaptain RikerCapt. William Rikerriker-22TNG294
DARomulan DAindalD'AindalD’Aindalanita-11TNG60
DBCDir.sfM. Beverly CrusherDir.sfM. Beverly CrusherDirector StarFleet-Medical Crusherbeverly-33TNG783
DEMasked DecanusDecanusDecanustos-pnj-4-mask-11TOS80
DLMDir.sfM. Leonard McCoyDir.sfM. Leonard McCoyMcCoy, Director StarFleet-Medical Leonard McCoymccoy-33TOS823
DMDoctor McCoyDoctor McCoyDoctor McCoy, Bonesmccoy-11TOS60
EKCardassian Ekoc DaleEkoc DaleEkocclayton-1-22TNG265
EMSEng. Captain ScottEng.Capt. ScottScotty, Engineering Captain Scottscott-33TOS823
GLFGeordi La ForgeGeordi La ForgeCmdr. Geordi La Forgegeordi-33TNG820
HEPretorian HelmetPretorianPretorian, Helmethelmet-11TNG68
HOAlien HortaHortaHorta, Alien Hortahorta-22TOS302
HSHikaru SuluLt. SuluSulu, Mr. Sulu, H. Sulusulu-11TOS58
HVRomulan HVaidHvaidHVaidtos-pnj-10-alberto-11TOS85
INKlingon InaghInaghInaghtos-pnj-7-ivan-22TOS270
KGKlingon KulgaKulgaKulgafonsi-1-22TNG265
KNKhan NoonienKhanKhan, Khan Noonien, Khan Noonien Singhkhan-33TOS813
KOCardassian KovorKovor DaleKovor, Kovor Daleborja-11TNG80
KORCmdr. KorCmdr. KorCommander Korkor-33TOS860
KUKlingon KurnKurnKurnklingon-kurn-33TNG813
KYKaylarKaylarRigellan warrior Kaylarkaylar-3.53.5TOS889
LBAlien LberchL'berchL'berchflopez-1-22TNG241
LDLt. DataLt. DataData, Lt. Datadata-11TNG72
LEMasked LegatusLegatusLegatustos-pnj-12-masked-boss-22TOS246
LFLt. La ForgeLt. La ForgeLa Forge, Geordi La Forgelaforge-11TNG75
LOPLocutusLocutusLocutus of Borg, Borg Picardlocutus-33TNG936
LPCLt. Pavel ChekovLt. ChekovLt. Chekovchekov-22TOS259
MELMeleaMeleaMelea, Veauveau_melea-33TNG783
MSMister ScottMister ScottMontgomery Scott, Mr. Scott, Scottyscott-11TOS68
NLAlien NuellaNuellaNuellamhigueras-11TNG75
NOAlien NodrozNodrozNodroznodroz-11TNG80
NUNyota UhuraLt. UhuraN. Uhura, Uhura, Lt. Uhurauhura-11TOS60
NVZNavzarNavzarNavzar, Veauveau_navzar-22TNG259
OPMasked OptioOptioOptiotos-masked-2-11TOS75
PCPavel ChekovEnsign ChekovChekov, P. Chekov, Mr. Chekovchekov-11TOS58
PGCardassian PruguePrugue SolePrugue, Prugue Solecarlos-11TNG75
PPMasked Pilus PriorPilus PriorPilus Priortos-masked-3-11TOS78
QQQ of The QQQ, Q of The Qq-33TNG813
RUAndroid RukRukRuk, Android Rukruk-22TOS321
SFGorn SFangudlS'FangudlS'Fangudl, Gorn SFangudltos-gorn-33TOS928
SGCardassian ShogueShogue SeltellShogue, Shogue Seltellpablo-11TNG65
SPMister SpockMister SpockSpock, Mr. Spockspock-11TOS75
SSSelay SsysmaSsysmaSsysmatng-selay-22TNG268
SVAlien Salt VampireSalt VampireSalt V., Salt Vampiretos-m113-22TOS281
SWFSec.Ofc. WorfSec.Ofc. WorfSecurity Officer Worf, Worfworf-33TNG813
TAFerengi DaiMon TarrDaiMon TarrTar, Tarr, Ferengi Tarrtarr-22TNG303
TEEntellan TenvaTenvaTenvaentellan-tenva-33TOS813
THRomulan TerrheaTerrheaTerrhearomulan-antonio-22TNG227
TKKlingon TKortaT'KortaT’Kortadanimetal-11TNG80
TK50Talosian KeeperThe KeeperThe Keepertalosian-keeper-3-3.53.5TOS813
TNAlien TNesseamT'NesseamT’Nesseamfrancis-1-22TNG270
TOEntellan TonakTonakTonakentellan-tonak-22TOS200
TREntellan TolkirTolkirTolkirentellan-tolkir-22TOS259
TTEntellan TataurTataurTataurentellan-tataur-33TOS813
TVRomulan TVralaiT'VralaiT’Vralaiivan-total-11TNG75
TZZThiraThira zh'ZoarhiThira zh'Zoarhiandorian_thira-33TNG852
VERomulan VeidekVeidekVeidekjorge-22TNG247
WCWesleyWesleyCadet Wesley, Wesley Crusherwesley-33TNG740
WFLt. WorfLt. WorfWorf, Lt. Worfworf-11TNG80
WSKlingon WSiraW'SiraW’Sirasandra-11TNG90

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AHRomulan Ameh2241+2+2+2241Ameh
AKAdmiral Kirk2337+2+2+2337Admiral Kirk, James T. Kirk
AMAlien Armus2284+1+1+1284Armus
ANUAdmiral Nyota Uhura3.5700+7+6+6700Adm. Uhura
APAdmiral Picard2360+1+1+1360Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, Adm. Picard
ARBad Arden2247+1+1+1247Arden
ASPAmbassador Spock2309+2+2+2309Ambassador Spock
AVLt. Alvaro1115+1+0+1115Lt. Alvaro
AWRAdmiral Will Riker3783+6+7+7783Riker, Admiral William Thomas Riker
B1Borg 1 of 42238+2+2+22381 of 4, 1 de 4
B2Borg 2 of 42248+2+2+22482 of 4, 2 de 4
B3Borg 3 of 43773+5+5+67733 of 4, 3 de 4, Borg 3 of 4
B4Borg 4 of 43780+6+5+57804 of 4, 4 de 4
BAKlingon Batahr1110+1+0+1110Batahr
BDAntican Badar2255+2+2+1255Badar
BEBeverly Crusher170+1+0+170Beverly, Doctor Crusher, Beverly Crusher
BRUBruna3898+5+5+4898Bruna, Veau
CACommodore Anton2245+2+1+2245Bad Boss, Anton
CAVCaped Alvaro2200+2+1+2200Caped Alvaro
CBCCmdr. Beverly Picard2226+2+2+2226Cmdr. Beverly Crusher
CCPCapt. Christopher Pike3785+6+6+6785Capt. Pike, Captain Christopher Pike
CDACmdr. Data2259+2+2+2259Cmdr. Data
CDRCmdr. Deanna Troi2260+2+2+2260Troi, Cmdr. Deanna Troi
CDTCaptain Deanna Troi3823+7+6+7823Troi, Captain Deanna Troi
CHSCmdr. Hikaru Sulu2261+2+2+2261Cmdr. Sulu
CHTKlingon ChoTa175+1+0+175Cho’Ta
CKCaptain Kirk185+1+0+085Capt. James T. Kirk, Captain James Tiberius Kirk
CLFCmdr. La Forge2227+1+2+2227Cmdr. La Forge, Cmdr. Geordi La Forge
CLMDoctor Leonard McCoy2281+2+2+2281Doctor Leonard McCoy
CMSCmdr. Montgomery Scott2234+2+2+2234Cmdr. Scott
CNUCmdr. Nyota Uhura2200+2+2+1200Cmdr. Uhura
CPCaptain Picard185+1+0+085Picard, Capt. Picard, Jean-Luc Picard, Jean-Luc
CPCCmdr. Pavel Chekov3860+7+6+6860Cmdr. Chekov
CRCmndr. Riker175+1+1+175Cmdr. Riker, William Riker, Riker
CTCounselor Troi175+1+0+175Troi, Deanna Troi, Counselor Troi
CWFCmdr. Worf2255+1+1+1255Cmdr. Worf
CWRCaptain William Riker2294+1+1+1294Capt. William Riker
DARomulan DAindal160+1+1+160D’Aindal
DBCDir.sfM. Beverly Crusher3783+7+6+7783Director StarFleet-Medical Crusher
DEMasked Decanus180+0+1+180Decanus
DLMDir.sfM. Leonard McCoy3823+6+6+6823McCoy, Director StarFleet-Medical Leonard McCoy
DMDoctor McCoy160+0+1+160Doctor McCoy, Bones
EKCardassian Ekoc Dale2265+2+2+2265Ekoc
EMSEng. Captain Scott3823+7+6+6823Scotty, Engineering Captain Scott
GLFGeordi La Forge3820+6+7+7820Cmdr. Geordi La Forge
HEPretorian Helmet168+0+0+068Pretorian, Helmet
HOAlien Horta2302+1+1+1302Horta, Alien Horta
HSHikaru Sulu158+1+1+158Sulu, Mr. Sulu, H. Sulu
HVRomulan HVaid185+1+1+185HVaid
INKlingon Inagh2270+2+1+2270Inagh
KGKlingon Kulga2265+1+2+2265Kulga
KNKhan Noonien3813+6+5+6813Khan, Khan Noonien, Khan Noonien Singh
KOCardassian Kovor180+1+1+180Kovor, Kovor Dale
KORCmdr. Kor3860+5+5+5860Commander Kor
KUKlingon Kurn3813+6+5+6813Kurn
KYKaylar3.5889+5+5+5889Rigellan warrior Kaylar
LBAlien Lberch2241+2+2+2241L'berch
LDLt. Data172+1+1+172Data, Lt. Data
LEMasked Legatus2246+2+2+2246Legatus
LFLt. La Forge175+1+1+175La Forge, Geordi La Forge
LOPLocutus3936+7+7+7936Locutus of Borg, Borg Picard
LPCLt. Pavel Chekov2259+2+2+2259Lt. Chekov
MELMelea3783+5+5+4783Melea, Veau
MSMister Scott168+1+1+168Montgomery Scott, Mr. Scott, Scotty
NLAlien Nuella175+1+1+175Nuella
NOAlien Nodroz180+1+0+180Nodroz
NUNyota Uhura160+1+0+160N. Uhura, Uhura, Lt. Uhura
NVZNavzar2259+2+2+2259Navzar, Veau
OPMasked Optio175+1+0+175Optio
PCPavel Chekov158+1+0+158Chekov, P. Chekov, Mr. Chekov
PGCardassian Prugue175+1+0+175Prugue, Prugue Sole
PPMasked Pilus Prior178+1+1+178Pilus Prior
QQQ of The Q3813+5+5+5813Q, Q of The Q
RUAndroid Ruk2321+1+1+1321Ruk, Android Ruk
SFGorn SFangudl3928+5+5+4928S'Fangudl, Gorn SFangudl
SGCardassian Shogue165+1+0+165Shogue, Shogue Seltell
SPMister Spock175+1+1+175Spock, Mr. Spock
SSSelay Ssysma2268+2+1+1268Ssysma
SVAlien Salt Vampire2281+2+2+2281Salt V., Salt Vampire
SWFSec.Ofc. Worf3813+7+6+7813Security Officer Worf, Worf
TAFerengi DaiMon Tarr2303+1+1+1303Tar, Tarr, Ferengi Tarr
TEEntellan Tenva3813+5+5+5813Tenva
THRomulan Terrhea2227+1+1+1227Terrhea
TKKlingon TKorta180+1+0+180T’Korta
TK50Talosian Keeper3.5813+5+5+5813The Keeper
TNAlien TNesseam2270+2+1+2270T’Nesseam
TOEntellan Tonak2200+2+1+2200Tonak
TREntellan Tolkir2259+2+2+2259Tolkir
TTEntellan Tataur3813+5+5+5813Tataur
TVRomulan TVralai175+0+1+175T’Vralai
TZZThira3852+6+5+5852Thira zh'Zoarhi
VERomulan Veidek2247+1+1+1247Veidek
WCWesley3740+7+6+6740Cadet Wesley, Wesley Crusher
WFLt. Worf180+0+1+180Worf, Lt. Worf
WSKlingon WSira190+0+1+190W’Sira

{HISTORICAL) Please add your suggestions to what-to-name the pages to the following table - and i can then go into the code and make the links somewhere/somehow/somewhen... i have not yet made the default-pages for each of these characters, but WILL, based on their codes (or something) and then the names will be redirects (or vice-versa)... tbd...

(CURRENT) Please feel free to make extra rows with suggestions for renames of any characters or starships (tbd) pages... I just picked names that made sense to me, but if there are other ideas - go for it... Hfelton (talk) 17:56, January 4, 2017 (UTC)

BTW - click on the buttons above to see what the KEYS mean (pictures, etc)

Characters or Crew Edit

Key Date of Latest Suggestion... Names
MEL 2018-05-15 Melea
BRU 2018-05-15 Bruna
NVZ 2018-05-15 Navzar
TYD 2018-05-15 Ty'dollus
TYL 2018-05-15 Ty'levi
TYM 2018-05-15 Ty'moro
TZZ 2018-05-18 Thira zh'Zoarhi
AH 2016-11-29 Ameh (am is armus)
AK 2016-11-23,11-29 Kirk , Admiral Kirk
AM 2016-11-29 Armus (ar is arden)
ANU 2016-11-29 Uhura , Admiral Uhura
AP 2016-11-29 Picard , Admiral Picard
AR 2016-11-29 Arden
ASP 2016-11-29 Spock , Ambassador Spock
AV 2016-11-29 Alvaro , Lt. Alvaro
AWR 2018-01-23 Riker , Adm.Riker, Admiral Will Riker (unf. ar is arden)
B1 2016-11-29,01-10 Borg, Borg 1 of 4
B2 2016-11-29,01-10 Borg, Borg 2 of 4
B3 2016-11-29,01-10 Borg, Borg 3 of 4
B4 2016-11-29,01-10 Borg, Borg 4 of 4
BA 2016-11-29 Batahr (romulan)
BD 2016-11-29 Badar (canine races)
BE 2016-11-29 Beverly , Dr. Beverly Crusher , Crusher (bc is disambig for borg-cube)
CA 2016-11-29 Commodore Anton
CAV 2016-11-29 Alvaro , Caped Alvaro
CBC 2016-11-29 Beverly , Cmdr. Beverly Crusher , Crusher
CCP 2017-11-29 Christopher Pike
CDA 2016-11-29 Data , Cmdr. Data
CDR 2016-11-29 Troi , Cmdr. Troi
CDT 2017-09-04 Troi , Captain Troi
CHS 2016-11-29 Sulu , Cmdr. Sulu
CHT 2016-11-29 Cho'Ta
CK 2016-11-23,11-29 Kirk , Captain Kirk
CLF 2016-11-29 La Forge , Cmdr. La Forge
CLM 2016-11-29 McCoy , Cmdr. McCoy
CMS 2016-11-29 Scott , Cmdr. Scott
CNU 2016-11-29 Uhura , Cmdr. Uhura
CP 2016-11-29 Picard , Captain Picard
CPC 2017-08-22 Chekov , Cmdr. Chekov
CR 2016-11-29 Riker , Cmdr. Riker
CT 2016-11-29 Troi , Counselor Troi
CWF 2016-11-27 Worf , Cmdr. Worf
CWR 2016-11-29 Riker , Captain Riker
DA 2016-11-29 D'Aindal
DBC 2017-08-22 Beverly , Dir.sfM. Beverly Crusher , Crusher
DE 2016-11-29 Decanus
DLM 2018-01-23 McCoy , Dir.sfM. Leonard McCoy
DM 2016-11-29 McCoy , Doctor McCoy
EK 2016-11-29 Ekoc Dale (prefer just ekoc?)
EMS 2017-09-04 Scott , Eng.Capt. Scott
GLF 2017-11-29 La Forge , Geordi La Forge
HE 2016-11-29 Pretorian (helmet-dude)
HO 2016-11-29 Horta
HS 2016-11-29 Sulu , Lt. Sulu
HV 2016-11-29 Hvaid
IN 2016-11-29 Inagh
KG 2016-11-29 Kulga
KN 2016-11-23 Khan (no last name or further descriptors)
KO 2016-11-29 Kovor Dale (brother of ekoc)
KOR 2017-11-14 Kor, Cmdr. Kor (not Enemy-Kor)
KU 2016-11-29 Kurn
KY 2017-05-26 Kaylar
LB 2016-11-29 L'berch
LD 2016-11-29 Data , Lt. Data
LE 2016-11-29 Legatus
LF 2016-11-29 La Forge , Lt. La Forge
LOP 2017-11-14 Locutus , (Borg version of Picard)
LPC 2016-11-29 Chekov , Lt. Chekov
MS 2016-11-29 Scott , Mister Scott (using mister feels odd?)
NL 2016-11-29 Nuella
NO 2016-11-29 Nodroz
NU 2016-11-29 Uhura , Lt. Uhura
OP 2016-11-29 Optio
PC 2016-11-29 Chekov , Ensign Chekov
PG 2016-11-29 Prugue Sole
PP 2016-11-29 Pilus Prior
QQ 2016-11-29 Q (not sure i like using single-letter)
RU 2016-11-29 Ruk
SF 2016-11-29 S'Fangudl (prefer gorn)
SG 2016-11-29 Shogue Seltell
SP 2016-11-23,11-29 Spock , Mister Spock
SS 2016-11-29 Ssysma (canine, tho looks reptilian)
SV 2016-11-29 Salt Vampire
SWF 2016-11-29 Worf , Sec.Ofc. Worf
TA 2016-11-29 DaiMon Tarr
TE 2016-11-29 Tenva
TH 2016-11-29 Terrhea
TK 2016-11-29 T'Korta
TK50 2016-11-29 The Keeper
TN 2016-11-29 T'Nesseam
TO 2016-11-29 Tonak
TR 2016-11-29 Tolkir
TT 2016-11-29 Tataur
TV 2016-11-29 T'Vralai
VE 2016-11-29 Veidek
WF 2016-11-24,11-29 Worf , Lt. Worf
WC 2017-05-26 Wesley , Wesley Crusher, Cadet Crusher, Crusher
WS 2016-11-29 W'Sira

Starships or Ships Edit

Key Date of Latest Suggestion... Govt or Weapons Names
EN 2017-01-04,01-10,01-17 Federation Enterprise, tester-First Enterprise, Original Series Enterpise, Original Enterprise
ENA 2017-01-04 Federation Enterprise, Enterprise-A, Enterprise A
ENB 2017-01-04 Federation Enterprise, Enterprise-B, Enterprise B
END 2017-01-04,01-10,01-11,01-17,02-02 Federation Enterprise, Second Enterprise, Fifth? Enterprise, Next Enterprise, Next Generation Enterprise, Enterprise-D, redir-Enterprise D
SGZ 2017-01-04,02-02 Federation Stargazer
REL 2017-01-04,02-02 Federation Reliant
TS 2017-01-04,02-02 Federation Tsiolkovsky
HOZ 2017-01-04,02-02 Federation Horizon
BC1 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Borg Borg Cube, Borg Cube Class 1, Cube 1
BC2 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Borg Borg Cube, Borg Cube Class 2, Cube 2
BR 2017-07-25 Borg Borg, Borg Scout, Renegade
CG 2017-01-04,01-11,02-02 Cardassian Cardassian Galor, Galor
D5 2017-07-25 Klingon Klingon D-5, D-5
FDM 2017-01-10,02-02 Alien or General? Ferengi DKora Marauder, Marauder
KNV 2017-01-04,02-02 Klingon Klingon Neghvar, Negh'var
KEB 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Klingon Bird of Prey, Klingon Early Bird of Prey, Early bop
KKT 2017-01-04,02-02 Klingon Klingon Ktinga, K'Tinga
KR 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Klingon Bird of Prey, Klingon Raptor, Raptor
RS 2017-01-04,02-02 Romulan Romulan Scout, Scout
RDD 2017-01-04,02-02 Romulan Romulan Dderidex, D'deridex
RV7 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Romulan Romulan-7, Romulan V-7, V-7
RD7 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Romulan Romulan-7, Romulan D-7, D-7
KV 2017-01-04,02-02 Klingon Klingon VorCha, Vor'Cha-disamb, Ship-Vor'Cha
CH 2017-01-04,01-11,02-02 Cardassian Cardassian Hideki, Hideki
KBP 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Klingon Bird of Prey, Klingon Bird of Prey, Klingon bop
RBP 2017-01-04,01-10,02-02 Romulan Bird of Prey, Romulan Bird of Prey, Romulan bop
VTM 2017-05-26,2017-12-29 Alien Vulcan Timur, Vulcan Ti\'Mur
VA 2017-05-26 Federation Valiant, USS Valiant
VDK 2017-12-26 Alien Vulcan Dkyr, Vulcan D\'kyr
RVD 2017-12-26 Romulan Valdore
ANT 2018-06-07 Federation Antares
THC 2018-06-07 Federation Thunderchild

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