Star Trek Wrath of Gems Wikia


There are six colors of gems, with a seventh combo-gem-color 5gem.png for when 5 gems are matched together...

There are two styles of gems, one for the character matching-game and one for the ship matching-game...

All of the gems are listed below...

Logo at beginning: White.pngRed.pngOrange.png5gem.pngPurple.pngYellow.pngBlue.png misses Hidden-Green.png

ships have changes in White-ship.pngRed-ship.pngGreen-ship.png and Purple-ship.png

Crew members can have skills that are boosted using each of the primary six colors - specifically: Red.png, White.png, Blue.png, Orange.png, Yellow.png, amd Purple.png. OTOH, ships only have features for the colors Blue.png, Orange.png, Yellow.png, and Purple-ship.png since red, green, and white are used for battle.