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AHRomulan AmehAmehAmehtos-pnj-11-alejandro-22TOS241
AKAdmiral KirkAdmiral KirkAdmiral Kirk, James T. Kirkkirk-22TOS337
AMAlien ArmusArmusArmusarmus-22TNG284
ANUAdmiral Nyota UhuraAdmiral UhuraAdm. Uhurauhura-3.53.5TOS700
APAdmiral PicardAdmiral PicardAdmiral Jean-Luc Picard, Adm. Picardpicard-22TNG360
ARBad ArdenArdenArdenhuman-antonio-22TOS247
ASPAmbassador SpockAmbassador SpockAmbassador Spockspock-22TOS309
AVLt. AlvaroLt. AlvaroLt. Alvarotos-pnj-2-bad-11TOS115
AWRAdmiral Will RikerAdmiral Will RikerRiker, Admiral William Thomas Rikerriker-33TNG783
B1Borg 1 of 4Borg 1 of 41 of 4, 1 de 4borg-1-22TNG238
B2Borg 2 of 4Borg 2 of 42 of 4, 2 de 4borg-2-22TNG248
B3Borg 3 of 4Borg 3 of 43 of 4, 3 de 4, Borg 3 of 4borg-3-33TNG773
B4Borg 4 of 4Borg 4 of 44 of 4, 4 de 4borg-4-33TNG780
BAKlingon BatahrBatahrBatahrtos-pnj-9-cigarrito-11TOS110
BDAntican BadarBadarBadartng-antican-22TNG255
BEBeverly CrusherDr. Beverly CrusherBeverly, Doctor Crusher, Beverly Crusherbeverly-11TNG70
BRUBrunaBrunaBruna, Veauveau_bruna-33TNG898
CACommodore AntonCommodore AntonBad Boss, Antontos-pnj-3-boss-22TOS245
CAVCaped AlvaroCaped AlvaroCaped Alvarotos-human-alvaro-22TOS200
CBCCmdr. Beverly PicardCmdr. Beverly CrusherCmdr. Beverly Crusherbeverly-22TNG226
CCPCapt. Christopher PikeChristopher PikeCapt. Pike, Captain Christopher Pikepike-33TOS785
CDACmdr. DataCmdr. DataCmdr. Datadata-22TNG259
CDRCmdr. Deanna TroiCmdr. TroiTroi, Cmdr. Deanna Troitroi-22TNG260
CDTCaptain Deanna TroiCaptain TroiTroi, Captain Deanna Troitroi-33TNG823
CHSCmdr. Hikaru SuluCmdr. SuluCmdr. Sulusulu-22TOS261
CHTKlingon ChoTaCho'TaCho’Tamordi-11TNG75
CKCaptain KirkCaptain KirkCapt. James T. Kirk, Captain James Tiberius Kirkkirk-11TOS85
CLFCmdr. La ForgeCmdr. La ForgeCmdr. La Forge, Cmdr. Geordi La Forgelaforge-22TNG227
CLMDoctor Leonard McCoyCmdr. McCoyDoctor Leonard McCoymccoy-22TOS281
CMSCmdr. Montgomery ScottCmdr. ScottCmdr. Scottscott-22TOS234
CNUCmdr. Nyota UhuraCmdr. UhuraCmdr. Uhurauhura-22TOS200
CPCaptain PicardCaptain PicardPicard, Capt. Picard, Jean-Luc Picard, Jean-Lucpicard-11TNG85
CPCCmdr. Pavel ChekovCmdr. ChekovCmdr. Chekovchekov-33TOS860
CRCmndr. RikerCmdr. RikerCmdr. Riker, William Riker, Rikerriker-11TNG75
CTCounselor TroiCounselor TroiTroi, Deanna Troi, Counselor Troitroi-11TNG75
CWFCmdr. WorfCmdr. WorfCmdr. Worfworf-22TNG255
CWRCaptain William RikerCaptain RikerCapt. William Rikerriker-22TNG294
DARomulan DAindalD'AindalD’Aindalanita-11TNG60
DBCDir.sfM. Beverly CrusherDir.sfM. Beverly CrusherDirector StarFleet-Medical Crusherbeverly-33TNG783
DEMasked DecanusDecanusDecanustos-pnj-4-mask-11TOS80
DLMDir.sfM. Leonard McCoyDir.sfM. Leonard McCoyMcCoy, Director StarFleet-Medical Leonard McCoymccoy-33TOS823
DMDoctor McCoyDoctor McCoyDoctor McCoy, Bonesmccoy-11TOS60
EKCardassian Ekoc DaleEkoc DaleEkocclayton-1-22TNG265
EMSEng. Captain ScottEng.Capt. ScottScotty, Engineering Captain Scottscott-33TOS823
GLFGeordi La ForgeGeordi La ForgeCmdr. Geordi La Forgegeordi-33TNG820
HEPretorian HelmetPretorianPretorian, Helmethelmet-11TNG68
HOAlien HortaHortaHorta, Alien Hortahorta-22TOS302
HSHikaru SuluLt. SuluSulu, Mr. Sulu, H. Sulusulu-11TOS58
HVRomulan HVaidHvaidHVaidtos-pnj-10-alberto-11TOS85
INKlingon InaghInaghInaghtos-pnj-7-ivan-22TOS270
KGKlingon KulgaKulgaKulgafonsi-1-22TNG265
KNKhan NoonienKhanKhan, Khan Noonien, Khan Noonien Singhkhan-33TOS813
KOCardassian KovorKovor DaleKovor, Kovor Daleborja-11TNG80
KORCmdr. KorCmdr. KorCommander Korkor-33TOS860
KUKlingon KurnKurnKurnklingon-kurn-33TNG813
KYKaylarKaylarRigellan warrior Kaylarkaylar-3.53.5TOS889
LBAlien LberchL'berchL'berchflopez-1-22TNG241
LDLt. DataLt. DataData, Lt. Datadata-11TNG72
LEMasked LegatusLegatusLegatustos-pnj-12-masked-boss-22TOS246
LFLt. La ForgeLt. La ForgeLa Forge, Geordi La Forgelaforge-11TNG75
LOPLocutusLocutusLocutus of Borg, Borg Picardlocutus-33TNG936
LPCLt. Pavel ChekovLt. ChekovLt. Chekovchekov-22TOS259
MELMeleaMeleaMelea, Veauveau_melea-33TNG783
MSMister ScottMister ScottMontgomery Scott, Mr. Scott, Scottyscott-11TOS68
NLAlien NuellaNuellaNuellamhigueras-11TNG75
NOAlien NodrozNodrozNodroznodroz-11TNG80
NUNyota UhuraLt. UhuraN. Uhura, Uhura, Lt. Uhurauhura-11TOS60
NVZNavzarNavzarNavzar, Veauveau_navzar-22TNG259
OPMasked OptioOptioOptiotos-masked-2-11TOS75
PCPavel ChekovEnsign ChekovChekov, P. Chekov, Mr. Chekovchekov-11TOS58
PGCardassian PruguePrugue SolePrugue, Prugue Solecarlos-11TNG75
PPMasked Pilus PriorPilus PriorPilus Priortos-masked-3-11TOS78
QQQ of The QQQ, Q of The Qq-33TNG813
RUAndroid RukRukRuk, Android Rukruk-22TOS321
SFGorn SFangudlS'FangudlS'Fangudl, Gorn SFangudltos-gorn-33TOS928
SGCardassian ShogueShogue SeltellShogue, Shogue Seltellpablo-11TNG65
SPMister SpockMister SpockSpock, Mr. Spockspock-11TOS75
SSSelay SsysmaSsysmaSsysmatng-selay-22TNG268
SVAlien Salt VampireSalt VampireSalt V., Salt Vampiretos-m113-22TOS281
SWFSec.Ofc. WorfSec.Ofc. WorfSecurity Officer Worf, Worfworf-33TNG813
TAFerengi DaiMon TarrDaiMon TarrTar, Tarr, Ferengi Tarrtarr-22TNG303
TEEntellan TenvaTenvaTenvaentellan-tenva-33TOS813
THRomulan TerrheaTerrheaTerrhearomulan-antonio-22TNG227
TKKlingon TKortaT'KortaT’Kortadanimetal-11TNG80
TK50Talosian KeeperThe KeeperThe Keepertalosian-keeper-3-3.53.5TOS813
TNAlien TNesseamT'NesseamT’Nesseamfrancis-1-22TNG270
TOEntellan TonakTonakTonakentellan-tonak-22TOS200
TREntellan TolkirTolkirTolkirentellan-tolkir-22TOS259
TTEntellan TataurTataurTataurentellan-tataur-33TOS813
TVRomulan TVralaiT'VralaiT’Vralaiivan-total-11TNG75
TZZThiraThira zh'ZoarhiThira zh'Zoarhiandorian_thira-33TNG852
VERomulan VeidekVeidekVeidekjorge-22TNG247
WCWesleyWesleyCadet Wesley, Wesley Crusherwesley-33TNG740
WFLt. WorfLt. WorfWorf, Lt. Worfworf-11TNG80
WSKlingon WSiraW'SiraW’Sirasandra-11TNG90

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