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AHRomulan Ameh.pngAmeh2412
AKAdmiral Kirk.pngAdmiral Kirk, James T. Kirk3372
ANUAdmiral Nyota Uhura.pngAdm. Uhura7003.5
ARBad Arden.pngArden2472
ASPAmbassador Spock.pngAmbassador Spock3092
AVLt. Alvaro.pngLt. Alvaro1151
BAKlingon Batahr.pngBatahr1101
CACommodore Anton.pngBad Boss, Anton2452
CAVCaped Alvaro.pngCaped Alvaro2002
CCPCapt. Christopher Pike.pngCapt. Pike, Captain Christopher Pike7853
CHSCmdr. Hikaru Sulu.pngCmdr. Sulu2612
CKCaptain Kirk.pngCapt. James T. Kirk, Captain James Tiberius Kirk851
CLMDoctor Leonard McCoy.pngDoctor Leonard McCoy2812
CMSCmdr. Montgomery Scott.pngCmdr. Scott2342
CNUCmdr. Nyota Uhura.pngCmdr. Uhura2002
CPCCmdr. Pavel Chekov.pngCmdr. Chekov8603
DEMasked Decanus.pngDecanus801
DLMDir.sfM. Leonard McCoy.pngMcCoy, Director StarFleet-Medical Leonard McCoy8233
DMDoctor McCoy.pngDoctor McCoy, Bones601
EMSEng. Captain Scott.pngScotty, Engineering Captain Scott8233
HOAlien Horta.pngHorta, Alien Horta3022
HSHikaru Sulu.pngSulu, Mr. Sulu, H. Sulu581
HVRomulan HVaid.pngHVaid851
INKlingon Inagh.pngInagh2702
KNKhan Noonien.pngKhan, Khan Noonien, Khan Noonien Singh8133
KORCmdr. Kor.pngCommander Kor8603
KYKaylar.pngRigellan warrior Kaylar8893.5
LEMasked Legatus.pngLegatus2462
LPCLt. Pavel Chekov.pngLt. Chekov2592
MSMister Scott.pngMontgomery Scott, Mr. Scott, Scotty681
NUNyota Uhura.pngN. Uhura, Uhura, Lt. Uhura601
OPMasked Optio.pngOptio751
PCPavel Chekov.pngChekov, P. Chekov, Mr. Chekov581
PPMasked Pilus Prior.pngPilus Prior781
RUAndroid Ruk.pngRuk, Android Ruk3212
SFGorn SFangudl.pngS'Fangudl, Gorn SFangudl9283
SPMister Spock.pngSpock, Mr. Spock751
SVAlien Salt Vampire.pngSalt V., Salt Vampire2812
TEEntellan Tenva.pngTenva8133
TK50Talosian Keeper.pngThe Keeper8133.5
TOEntellan Tonak.pngTonak2002
TREntellan Tolkir.pngTolkir2592
TTEntellan Tataur.pngTataur8133