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Captain Picard from Enterprise D

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AMAlien ArmusArmus2842
APAdmiral PicardAdmiral Jean-Luc Picard, Adm. Picard3602
AWRAdmiral Will RikerRiker, Admiral William Thomas Riker7833
B1Borg 1 of 41 of 4, 1 de 42382
B2Borg 2 of 42 of 4, 2 de 42482
B3Borg 3 of 43 of 4, 3 de 4, Borg 3 of 47733
B4Borg 4 of 44 of 4, 4 de 47803
BDAntican BadarBadar2552
BEBeverly CrusherBeverly, Doctor Crusher, Beverly Crusher701
BRUBrunaBruna, Veau8983
CBCCmdr. Beverly PicardCmdr. Beverly Crusher2262
CDACmdr. DataCmdr. Data2592
CDRCmdr. Deanna TroiTroi, Cmdr. Deanna Troi2602
CDTCaptain Deanna TroiTroi, Captain Deanna Troi8233
CHTKlingon ChoTaCho’Ta751
CLFCmdr. La ForgeCmdr. La Forge, Cmdr. Geordi La Forge2272
CPCaptain PicardPicard, Capt. Picard, Jean-Luc Picard, Jean-Luc851
CRCmndr. RikerCmdr. Riker, William Riker, Riker751
CTCounselor TroiTroi, Deanna Troi, Counselor Troi751
CWFCmdr. WorfCmdr. Worf2552
CWRCaptain William RikerCapt. William Riker2942
DARomulan DAindalD’Aindal601
DBCDir.sfM. Beverly CrusherDirector StarFleet-Medical Crusher7833
EKCardassian Ekoc DaleEkoc2652
GLFGeordi La ForgeCmdr. Geordi La Forge8203
HEPretorian HelmetPretorian, Helmet681
KGKlingon KulgaKulga2652
KOCardassian KovorKovor, Kovor Dale801
KUKlingon KurnKurn8133
LBAlien LberchL'berch2412
LDLt. DataData, Lt. Data721
LFLt. La ForgeLa Forge, Geordi La Forge751
LOPLocutusLocutus of Borg, Borg Picard9363
MELMeleaMelea, Veau7833
NLAlien NuellaNuella751
NOAlien NodrozNodroz801
NVZNavzarNavzar, Veau2592
PGCardassian PruguePrugue, Prugue Sole751
QQQ of The QQ, Q of The Q8133
SGCardassian ShogueShogue, Shogue Seltell651
SSSelay SsysmaSsysma2682
SWFSec.Ofc. WorfSecurity Officer Worf, Worf8133
TAFerengi DaiMon TarrTar, Tarr, Ferengi Tarr3032
THRomulan TerrheaTerrhea2272
TKKlingon TKortaT’Korta801
TNAlien TNesseamT’Nesseam2702
TVRomulan TVralaiT’Vralai751
TZZThiraThira zh'Zoarhi8523
VERomulan VeidekVeidek2472
WCWesleyCadet Wesley, Wesley Crusher7403
WFLt. WorfWorf, Lt. Worf801
WSKlingon WSiraW’Sira901
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